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98% of Fortune 500 companies have an ATS in place.
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HR teams still struggle with:


My ATS disqualifies top candidates due to missing keywords in their resumes.


I can't alter specific questions in my assessments or make changes to the hiring process for specific job roles.


Even after the ATS filter, I still spend a significant amount of time screening resumes.

Recruitment Made Accurate

HireScore will solve these problems:

We don't believe in resumes

Let's be honest, most recruiters do not enjoy digging through 100's of resumes for each position, and most of the time, the best candidates don't have an updated CV on hand. At HireScore, we don't base our scoring on resumes or heavily rely on keyword repetition, an area where most ATS systems are error-prone.

We take the guesswork out of

With HireScore, we emphasize assessments to test for personality, soft skills, and hard skills relevant to the specific job and company culture. We even have objective interview questions that can be scored and combined with all other data points into one baseline score per candidate.

Our baseline score has an 85%+ accuracy to predict hiring

With HireScore, we aim for measurable and comparable hiring processes. Over time, the weight of each assessment, the tests, or interview questions can all be changed based on performance, new information, scientific research and proprietary HireScore data.


Hear from our customers

With HireScore, our selection process is now legally compliant, accurately assesses skill sets, and sets a standard of excellence for employee selection that we could not have achieved alone!

Cynthia Stanley
-BP United States

When asked "Would you hire this person again?" 95% of HireScore customers respond "YES" one year later.


Frequently Asked Questions

HireScore CAN, but does not have to replace your ATS, We have built connections with WorkDay, SuccessFactors/SAP, ADP, VerifiedFirst and others.

HireScore works with any type or size of organization, but customers that have a consistent hiring need or are looking to implement a validated hiring process capture the most value.

Every HireScore client has a dedicated project manager who is focused on helping your organization address its specific hiring challenges. We also offer custom development support to connect with your ERP, ATS and HR software solutions and if required Stang Decision Systems has the expertise to further optimize your current hiring processes. 

Yes. Our development team is on standby to provide you access!

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