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HireScore revolutionizes the recruitment process for candidates and recruiters. Start hiring better, faster and smarter today with our unique approach to hiring.

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HireScore, your personal recruitment assistant

Remove friction and win-win for candidates & recruiters

CV's are dead. Long live surveys

At HireScore, we believe CVs can easily be replaced by job-specific surveys to let candidates self-report to your hiring needs. Candidates don’t experience the friction of requiring an updated CV to apply, while you don’t need to screen countless resumes as the algorithm will automatically process the candidate input for you.

HireScore will handle the posting, screening and scheduling for you.

Automate the repetitive tasks

With HireScore, you’ll attract twice as many applicants and spend less time screening or setting up interviews.

The HireScore system will help you create a scalable process.

Fully customizable to your own needs.

With HireScore, all recruitment data creates a baseline score to easily rank and compare candidates.

The best part? You control these data points. With the assistance of your project manager, you can adjust surveys, change steps, or add more weight to certain steps in the score. 

Our software doesn’t know how to talk (yet!), but your dedicated project managers are always available.

Shannon Whitehouse
HireScore Project Manager

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Hirescore works with any type of organization, but customers that have a consistent hiring need or are looking to implement a validated hiring process capture the most value.

Every HireScore client has a dedicated Project Manager who is focused on helping your organization address its specific hiring challenges. Further support is provided by a team of top-tier developers that has the scientific and analytic support of a team of PhD-level industrial and organizational psychologists.

Applicants are also supported via email, text and phone support so they are never left in the dark. Our goal is to treat our clients and applicants the way we would want to be treated.

Yes, HireScore has an API. We are always working to better integrate with other tools and processes your organization might use!

We have several pricing structures depending on the size of the client and number of users. Contact us for an overview of how our pricing would work for your organization!

Got questions? We're happy to discuss over e-mail or videocall.