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HireScore will assist your hiring team in...


Attracting & Retaining
Qualified Candidates


Making Accurate & Data-Driven
Hiring Decisions


Filling Open Positions On-Time Without Spending a Fortune

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HireScore will help your team:

Start Attracting and Retaining Applicants with HireScore

With our expert recruiter strategist working with your team, we craft captivating job postings that yield real results. Your open positions reach hundreds of job boards and social media sites, while we monitor applicant flow for both quality and quantity. Users typically see a 2-10x increase in their applicant pool.

But we go beyond attraction – tracking friction points in the applicant journey, we customize and optimize the process to retain top applicants.

Elevate your hiring decisions with data-driven precision

At HireScore, we emphasize assessments to test for personality, soft skills, and hard skills that are customized to your specific job and company culture. By providing you personalized data-driven insights, you are able to unleash the power of data-driven hiring decisions. Finally, a more accurate and predictable hiring process for your team.

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Improve Your Hiring Efficiency

With HireScore, you can kiss going through hundreds of resume's goodbye. Everything you used to get out of a resume will be automatically available for you plus much more. You can also say goodbye to your costly recruitment process as HireScore is only a fraction of the cost as traditional methods.


Hear from our customers

With HireScore, our selection process is now legally compliant, accurately assesses skill sets, and sets a standard of excellence for employee selection that we could not have achieved alone!

Cynthia Stanley
-BP United States

When asked "Would you hire this person again?" 95% of HireScore customers respond "YES" one year later.


Frequently Asked Questions

HireScore CAN, but does not have to replace your ATS, We have built connections with WorkDay, SuccessFactors/SAP, ADP, VerifiedFirst and others.

HireScore works with any type or size of organization, but customers that have a consistent hiring need or are looking to implement a validated hiring process capture the most value.

Every HireScore client has a dedicated project manager who is focused on helping your organization address its specific hiring challenges. We also offer custom development support to connect with your ERP, ATS and HR software solutions and if required Stang Decision Systems has the expertise to further optimize your current hiring processes. 

Yes. Our development team is on standby to provide you access!

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