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Applicant Information Use

The goal of this outline is to give you a quick overview on how the information that you submit on this site will be used, and who will have access to it. To start, it’s worth noting that the HireScore process is not just another online application or resume upload. The HireScore process is specific to the job you are applying for and the organization you are applying for. You’ll notice right away that you aren’t being asked a bunch of generic questions, you are being asked questions that are specific to the job that interests you. This not only allows the client to get to know you faster, and with more accuracy, it allows you to learn more about the job as you are applying for the job. If the system knocks you out right away, it may be a bit frustrating, but it also saves you from wasting your time applying for positions that don’t match your qualifications and/or interests.

Ultimately, HireScore works better for the organization and for you.

Your Information

By submitting your HireScore application, you are applying for a position with a specific company that is a client of ours. Identifying information that you provide will ONLY be given to that specific company for purposes of determining how well you match minimum and preferred qualifications. Stang Decision Systems will provide advice to clients on how to best utilize information provided to make hiring decisions, but we do not have final say over who is selected and who is not. In other words, each organization is responsible for using your information in a responsible fashion. We make every effort to ensure that our client organizations treat your data as highly confidential and respect both your time and your privacy. As an example, this means that we go out of our way to avoid asking you for information that is not going to be used when making the hiring decision, or in ongoing communications (e.g., contact info), unless legally mandated to do so (e.g., demographic questions required by law). We will also go out of our way to avoid asking you for redundant information as you move through the steps of the selection process. Our research indicates that applicants get most frustrated not by the length/thoroughness of a hiring process, but instead by the irrelevance and redundancy of traditional hiring procedures.

Agreement for Communication:

By filling out an application, you are giving SDS and the specific company you are applying for the right to contact you. Contacts may include invitations to interviews, requests for more information and/or clarification, and requests to consider alternative positions that may also fit your skill set. You will not be considered for alternative positions until either 60 days have passed from your application date (without being scheduled for an interview), or the position you have applied for has been filled. You may, however, apply for as many HireScore jobs as you like and be considered for all of them in parallel. Communication may come in the form of phone calls, emails, U.S. postal mail, or text messages. By completing this application, you are giving your express consent to allow this communication, but you may also revoke this consent at any time by contacting us at admin@stangds.com and asking to have your contact info removed from an application process, or even from the entire HireScore database.

Although we may facilitate communication through the HireScore Talent Portal, clients may also add you to other scheduling systems, spreadsheets, or various lists which are outside of the HireScore Talent Portal. We are not responsible for removal of your identifying information from external systems, but we will take reasonable action to encourage clients to remove you from all databases upon request. Ultimately it is up to each of our clients to abide by local, state, and federal laws when it comes to engaging in communication with you.

Protecting your Information:

We take extreme precautions to protect personal information that is stored on our servers, which includes your contact information, application information, and assessment results. We do this first by only asking for information that is by meeting or exceeding industry standards relating to encryption, firewalls, user authentication, and various other security protocols. Our goal is bank level security in spite of the fact that our system has no access to sensitive financial records or Social Security numbers.

As noted, we do not have complete control over who has access to, and what they do with, your information. Each of our clients has the ability to grant access to your information to their employees and representatives on a need to know basis. Those representatives also have the ability to print off or download your application to their individual computers or devices.

History has clearly shown that no system is completely and utterly safe from breaches or abuse, since even paper applications stored in filing cabinets can be potentially stolen or misused. If you are concerned about the security of your information while applying for a position, we suggest that you follow these general guidelines.

  1. Never provide your Social Security Number, credit card numbers, or banking information, as part of an initial application.
  2. If you are concerned about the questions being asked, please contact our support team directly.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above information, you are welcome to reach out to our support team at admin@stangds.com. Note that messages regarding the status of your application may not be answered immediately. We often receive hundreds or even thousands of applications for a given opening and our goal is to make sure that you receive some form of status update every 21 days. As noted in the application, be sure to check your email, including your spam folders for updates.

Best of luck!

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